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Got Practice?

Parents, I know you want your child to excel in their new musical endeavor. there is only one thing that stands between their success and becoming the next Doc Severinsen or being the next child that quits too soon and never reaches their full potential. It is the dreaded task of PRACTICE. Sometimes it can be a total headache trying to get your child to play their instrument but it can be a great reward when you focus on where that instrument can take them vs. playing video games.

Here are some articles that might help you out.

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Most band directors are not going to be able to teach music theory to their students due to the time restraints they have. They have to get the beginners from knowing nothing in September to playing a Christmas concert in December. There isn't much time to go over music theory.

This is the main reason I require all of my students to learn music theory. This helps them be a better musician when they know how music is built and how it works. We will do music theory in every lesson.

Other products needed to clean the trumpet. I use all of these.

Here are two metronomes that I use on a regular basis.

Tempo and Pulse

Here is the tuner that I recommend.
iStrobosoft tuner

Set your child up for success from day 1!


I want your child to succeed and I know you do as well. There are a few items that would really help them get a great start in their musical journey. Another great thing is that, if music isn't their thing, you can always pass these items down to someone who is going to play music, or sell/donate it to your band program.

Here are some items, and you can just click the picture and it will take you to the page where you can order.

I have about 5 of these all around my trumpet studio. They are great for a few reasons:

1. They allow you to do things hands free. You can set your trumpet on it and write on your music, leave the room, count rest. They are very sturdy, and the legs fold up into the base and you can put it in your trumpet bell when you decide to pack up.

2. Your child has a better chance of practicing when they see their trumpet out and put together. I tell my students every time they walk into the room and their trumpet is out, they need to play something.

3. Most band directors don't know that they exist. Plus, your child will be ahead of the game and not like the other students. That is the edge.

This is a Manhasset metal music stand. Please do not buy a wire one. Most band directors will tell you that a wire stand is going to be fine. That is until they make you put so much unneeded stuff in their band binder that it starts to weigh too much and the wire stand becomes top heavy and falls apart.

I have 3 of these stands in my studio. I don't even own a wire stand.

Not all valve oils are created the same. You wouldn't just put any motor oil in your car, so you shouldn't do it to your trumpet either. Some oils work better in humid weather. Your local music store does not carry this oil. Most salespeople do not play trumpet and see "valve oil" and think it is good enough. If you are part of my studio, good enough is never enough.

I have plenty of this valve oil in my studio. You can purchase this from me.

Schilke Slide Grease.jpg

This is the product that I recommend to keep all your slides moving easily. Not all products are the same. Using good lubricants to keep your slides moving will save you repair costs to get a slide unstuck. Usually a $100 job, and they will keep your horn for a few days. So, why not use good products and keep your slides moving. You have now been warned.

If you are in marching band, and you make the poor decision not to get a marching horn, please get one of these if you decide to march with your professional Bach Strad or Yamaha Xeno.

At some point you are going to have to put your trumpet on the concrete, and this will help keep the bell rim and back of the trumpet from getting scratched. You have to protect your investment.

Bach Mouthpiece.jpg

I recommend playing on Bach mouthpieces. It is what I know and have played on for years. When it is time to upgrade to a new mouthpiece, please use this link.

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