Every teacher emphasizes different aspects of learning. After 22 years of teaching, I have identified the skills I believe are the most important in developing students who are technically proficient, love playing the trumpet, and embrace music in their lives. Some of these skills are measurable, others are not. I have achieved my goals when students: 

  • Are successful musicians, not just trumpeters.

  • Play using proper technique with a beautiful tone. 

  • Play musically and know how to phrase, where to breathe, and how to express the composer’s intentions and their own emotions through their playing. 

  • Play a wide variety of solo and ensemble repertoire. 

  • Become their own teacher by applying the basics of music theory and technique, solving their own technique problems, and learning to make choices.

  • Students will not only perform certain pieces well, they will understand them and know how to practice the steps needed to perfect them. 

  • Set personal, technical, and performance goals, and work toward becoming the best musician they can possibly be. 

  • Enjoy their lessons and the benefits of personal relationships forged through music. 

  • Include music as a joyful part of their lives. They incorporate music into their lives by listening to classical music on the radio and on CDs, attending concerts, becoming passionate about their favorite pieces, sharing music with friends, playing in ensembles, and being eager to perform. My greatest wish is that their joy for music will infuse the rest of their lives. 

  • Apply music skills such as goal setting and perseverance to other aspects of their lives, leading them to be more confident, happier people with a greater ability to succeed in other areas of their lives. True self-confidence is achieved through attempting important goals, overcoming challenges, and achieving goals. 

Student Responsibilities: 

Learning a musical instrument can be one of life’s greatest challenges and rewards. My job as a teacher is to share with students my knowledge, my teaching skills, and my love of music. I promise to be respectful of students, work hard to develop their skills, and be sensitive to their individual needs. I expect my students to maintain these same high standards and responsibilities: 

  • Arriving promptly to lessons

  • Bringing all lesson and assignment books. Required materials: 

  • A trumpet in good working condition. 

  • Purchase professional quality products (valve oil, slide oil, slide grease) I can recommend!

  • An inexpensive metronome and tuner. (Can be a phone app.)

  • A music stand for practicing at home. 

  • A quality USB microphone if doing lessons online. An adapter can be used if using a phone for the lesson. (I can recommend a great and inexpensive option)

  • Being prepared for lessons with diligent and sufficient practice time. A rule of thumb for most is to practice daily an amount of time equivalent to the length of the lesson (but remember that time does not always equal quality). 

  • During lessons and practice, always being open to new ideas, trying hard, and putting forth their very best effort. • Buying music, sending in contest forms, and arranging rehearsals in a timely manner. 

  • When purchasing a new instrument, please get my approval before purchasing or renting new instruments. I may be able to help you find a better price or a higher quality instrument. I am more than happy to visit music stores with you to assist you in purchasing instruments. (I do not charge extra for being your "personal shopper" -- this is a service included in the price of tuition.) 

  • Failure to practice, repeated tardiness, repeated unexcused cancellations, and repeated failure to pay tuition on time will result in the student being dropped from the studio. My schedule is tight and I cannot afford to make allowances for students that are not going to try, or showing no interest. 

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities: 

Students with involved parents are often more successful. The learning triangle of parent, student, and teacher forms a team working together. I have an “open-door” policy and encourage parents to attend lessons, especially if your child is a beginner. You will enjoy learning music theory and listening skills right along with your child. It’s a 2-for-1 deal! Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any suggestions or concerns for your child.

Tuition Payment and Policies: 

  • Your tuition reserves your spot in my studio. A 30 minute lesson is $34.  A debit/credit card is required for registration. Tuition will be processed every Monday morning the following week.

  • No refunds will be given for missed or cancelled lessons. Tuition is due whether or not the student attends the lesson. I plan and provide a place for students; therefore missed lessons cannot be deducted from your tuition. 

  • When you have advance notice of a conflict (no less than 24 hours), please contact me to rearrange. Exceptions are family emergencies, physical sickness and weather conditions. 

  • If you must cancel a lesson due to illness, 4 hours advance notice must be given or no make-up lesson can be offered. *As a courtesy, I will try to arrange a make-up lesson for students who cannot attend due to illness. Make-up lessons are scheduled on an availability basis and are not guaranteed.

  • If I must cancel a lesson due to scheduling conflicts, there will be no charge.

*Attendance rules may be relaxed in the summer and during holidays, as I can be more flexible then. 


Concerts, contests, recitals, and master classes can be rewarding experiences. They give students tangible goals, opportunities to learn, and a venue to share their music. I expect all students to participate in some mutually agreed upon public performances. These may include their school district solo and ensemble contest, region band, and of course, playing with community groups like church choir and youth symphonies.These policies are set to clarify to the student and parent the goals, rules, and business policies of this music school. These policies eliminate ambiguity and can serve as a reference guide.

By registering with JB's Music School, you agree to all of these guidelines and policies.