Ultrasonic cleaning of your brass instrument is the ultimate in care for your horn. Ultrasound is non-corrosive and eco-friendly and does not affect the metal of your expensive instrument. It uses the latest scientific technology to reach dirt and grime that cannot be reached by any other method. 


Let us offer you the best cleaning, most earth friendly method of care on the planet for the best prices you will find anywhere. Call or email us to schedule your appointment.

Here at JB's Music School, we are always trying to improve and go to the next level for our students and families. We are proud to announce that we now offer Ultrasonic Brass Instrument Cleaning AND Brass Instrument Repair.

Why you should let us service your instrument?

1. Depending on our workload, we could have your instrument cleaned and back in your hands the next day!!!

2. Ultrasonic cleaning is better and safer than chemical cleaning.

3. You instrument is being cleaned by someone that plays a brass instrument and knows how important it is to have it back quickly.

4. Having your instrument cleaned on a yearly basis will help it play and sound better.

5. Most local music stores have a huge backload of instruments ahead of yours. We can service your instrument much faster due to our policy of servicing only brass instruments. The only thing that might take us longer is if we need to order a part. We will let you know and keep up to date communication with you.