Here at JB's Music School, we are always trying to improve and go to the next level for our students and families. We are proud to announce that we now offer Ultrasonic Brass Instrument Cleaning.

Why you should let us service your instrument?

1. Depending on our workload, we could have your instrument cleaned and back in your hands the next day!!!

2. Ultrasonic cleaning is better and safer than chemical cleaning.

3. You instrument is being cleaned by someone that plays a brass instrument and knows how important it is to have it back quickly.

4. Having your instrument cleaned on a yearly basis will help it play and sound better.

I created this site with a goal in mind - I want it to be a site that benefits my students and parents. I want you to want to come back because you either thing the site is cool, or because you get great information that helps you become a better musician and person. Please come back from time to time to check if I have added anything new. 


By joining our in-person or online music school you will step in the right direction to becoming the best player you can and want to be. You can learn to play the your instrument for the first time, or come back to it after 30 years. We can teach you how to play the blues, a classical concerto or all the movie themes your heart desires. Most importantly, you can have fun while learning! Honestly, that is what makes our music school different from so many others. We know that when you have fun playing your instrument, you will get better. In this dynamic, music-pumped school, you will never be bored.  That's my promise to you. - Jason Browne

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